Jintan Silver Pills 150 pills

FDA Notification No. : K13/46

Product Info

  • Traditional Jintan Silver Pills were first introduced over 100 years ago in Japan and still maintaining its quality to present days.
  • Unique ingredients consisting of 16 types of herbal medicine.
  • Pills are silver coated to preserve the benefits of the ingredients.
  • Mouth freshener, also helps with motion sickness, dizziness and for refreshment feeling after hangover.

How to Use

  • Take 5-7 pills at time when feeling unwell or having bad breath odor for refreshment and fresher breath.

Product Dimension

Carton Size W x L x H (cm) 57 x 37 x 32
Packing Quantity per Inner box 1inner box x 25 units
Packing Quantity per Carton 1 Carton x 100 inner boxes
Gross Weight (kg) 10
Shelf Life (month) 60

Stores Available

Traditional and Modern Drug stores