Thai Jintan emphasizes the leader of Japanese products and innovation in Thailand and AEC. Inviting press to visit Morishita Jintan and experience Life Innovation Center (Osaka Techno Center) in Osaka, Japan Jul 17, 2017

Thai Jintan Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Narit Vittayavarakorn, Managing Director, the importer and distributer of innovative products from Japan such as Nude liquid toothpaste, Nude Capsule Sugar Free Mint, Silver Pills and Red Pills, Collagen, and Dietary supplements, invited the Thai press team to travel to Osaka, Japan, to experience the legend of trading alliance at Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd., Japan, with the story of more than 120 years. The company has the reputation in the expertise of innovation and advancement of technology as well as having leading market share in Japan. The company is also the main alliance with the long time binding with Thai Jintan Co., Ltd. for more than 24 years. Moreover, the press could experience and viewed the advanced innovation at Life Innovation Center: Osaka Techno Center such as the technology in manufacturing the seamless capsules with the patent registered for manufacturing only here in the world solely.

Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd., Japan, was established by Mr. Hiroshi Morishita in Osaka in 1893. The main business objective is to manufacture and sell the quality products, expand the total sales in foreign countries, and inspire people through the quality advertisement. The first product, scented bag, was manufactured in 1896 and the medicine started to be manufactured later. In 1905, “Jintan Red Big Pills” started to be sold which was the origin of silver pills as well as starting to establish the export department. The first country to export to was India and later expansion to Hawaii, Chile, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Mombasa, and Uganda. In 1929, it was the greatest year in launching silver pills and manufacturing more various kinds of products; “Jintan Rose”, pills for relieving the car sickness or boat sickness “Podo” and “Ume Jintan”, “Green Jintan” and starting to sell the baby napkins which were the first product in Medicare. After that in 1978, the company launched and sold “Crystal Jintan”, the seamless capsule which could cover the liquid for the first time in the world and spent the time in the development for more than 10 years. Later in 1984, the company launched and sold “White Jintan” by using the Japanese comedian actor, Beat Takeshi. In the first year, 5,000,000 pieces of products were sold. After that, the dietary supplements with Bifido Bacterium “Bifina” with two-layer capsule covers were manufactured for the first time in the world. It was approved in manufacturing the medicine called “Sorumiran” in 1998.

Moreover, in 2008, the Act was issued on 11th February which was the “Jintan Day”. The Osaka Techno Center was constructed in Hirakata. The company was also awarded in biotechnology for 17 rewards from Japanese Biotechnology Association. In the following year, “Jintan 116”, “OTC products”, “Medical Dental Cream” and other products were launched and rare metal collecting capsule was patented with Osaka Prefecture University as well as receiving the patent of encapsulating seed. In 2012, the vaccine was developed with AnGes MG. until being awarded as the best company from Osaka; the reward of the best organization in manufacturing. In 2013 on 11th February, “Ume Jintan 12” was launched as the product for the anniversary of 120 years with the new trademark.

Thai Jintan Co., Ltd., is the affiliate of Chumsang Group. The Company was established in 1993. It is the leading company in selling the innovative products from Japan, the importer and distributer of Nude Capsule Sugar Free Mint, Silver pills and Red pills Nude liquid toothpaste, collagen, and dietary supplements, under the management of Mr. Narit Vittayavarakorn, Managing Director. Mr. Narit said, “Thai Jintan Co., Ltd.” has established business partnership with Morishita Jintan for more than 24 years. The company has the vision to become the leading company in selling the quality innovative products from Japan in order to respond to the demand in health care of the consumers in all genders and ages both in Thailand and in AEC. The determination and expertise from Japan both in personnel and raw materials of natural herbs will be applied for being selected and developed to the careful manufacturing process including paying attention to the audit for the best quality in all products for the consumers correctly following the highest standards of Thailand Food and Drug Administration”

“For the objective in this press trip, Thai Jintan Co., Ltd., would like to create awareness and experience of the legacy profile and potential including the innovative advancement of Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd., the long business partnership with Thai Jintan.”

Moreover, the press also had the chance to visit Osaka Techno Center which had never been visited by anybody before and experience various great innovative products of Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd., especially in the evolution of Silver Pills manufactured from healthy herbs such as Uncaria gambier, licorice powder, unripe licorice powder, cinnamon peel, cardamom, cardamom seeds, herb roots, gingers, cinnamon oil, clove oil, etc. The properties are to remove mouth odor and make the fresh breath. This is one of the innovations which Morishita Jintan is very proud of.”

“Besides, the traditional products are also developed into the innovations; Capsule Sugar Free Mint developed into 4-layer seamless capsule which is the sole patent in giving the fresh breath and removing mouth odor in double steps in the mouth. This is to remove the mouth odor from the causes. There are 4 flavors for selection; Pepper Mint (best seller) in blue box, Raspberry in pink box, Honey lemon in yellow box, and Melon in green box.”

“Furthermore, Thai Jintan also has been joining in developing the innovative products from Morishita Jintan to be sold in Thailand already such as Nude liquid toothpaste products to be selected in 2 formulas; mint and herbal formula. The properties are two in one as it can be used as the mouth washer and toothpaste in the same time. It can help reducing the bacteria in the mouth, penetrating to clean the teeth thoroughly and deeply even in the teeth space which is difficult to clean. The toothpaste is gentle to the mouth and does not destroy the enamel.”

“Thai Jintan Co., Ltd., and Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd., still furthers the business partnership to be stronger. Thai Jintan will remain selling Morishita Jintan the products. Being the business partnership with Morishita Jintan will enhance Thai Jintan company vision which is be the leader in the innovative products from Japan in Thailand and AEC.”

“Thai Jintan believes that the information and experience from this trip will make everybody know the story of Thai Jintan Co., Ltd. more in order to publicize the information to the consumers further. Thank you very much.”

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