Thai Jintan Co., Ltd. is the affiliate of Chumsaeng Group. The Company was established in 1993. It is the leading company in selling the innovative products from Japan, the importer and distributer of Jintan Silver Pills, Nude Capsule Sugar Free Mint, Nude liquid toothpaste, Collagen, and Dietary supplements. At present, Thai Jintan Co., Ltd. has been appointed for Morishita Jintan product in Thailand and AEC is managed by Mr. Narit Vittayavarakorn, Managing Director.


Thai Jintan Co., Ltd., To be the leader of quality with the innovative products from Japan to respond to the demand in health care for the lifestyles of consumers in all genders and all ages both in Thailand and in South East Asia.


Thai Jintan Co., Ltd., applies the determination and expertise from Japan both in the personnel and raw materials of natural herbs to be selected and developed to the deliberate production process including paying attention to the inspection in order to offer the best quality in all products to the customers correctly following the highest standard of Food and Drug Administration.

The core in the Company’s business operation is the emphasis on being the leader of innovation from Japan. Regarding Thai products, Thai Jintan has introduced some new technologies from Japan in developing and updating the new products all the time in order to respond to the demand of consumers extremely. The Company has conducted the researches to understand the demand of consumers and find the answer which are still used by the consumers that can be furthered for developing the products into the market as well as responding to the demand of consumers effectively.

Established since 1893 with headquarter in Osaka, Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. has been one of the leading companies in pharmaceuticals, quasi drugs, and supplemental foods in Japan. Using its patented innovative technology, the seamless multilayer encapsulation, Morishita Jintan has been producing different types or capsule product for various industries. Nowadays, Morishita Jintan's capsules can be found in dietary supplements, cosmetics, foods, and confectionery.